How to make a "blind drop"?

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How to make a "blind drop"?

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We have changed our old Proftpd server to Wing ftp on Linux. Now I have problem to set up a "blind drop", an account for dropping files but not to see anything. I have unchecked "Directory access, list".
When using web GUI or filezilla it works fine.
The problem is when using Cyberduck as a client, it got a popup message that says: 550 Cannot MLSD. No permission.
I only want an empty directory list back with no errors.
It is not possible to do a work around with changing rights on the map because wftpserver is running as root.
I have tried to enable directory read and use cron to move away the files to another directory every minute. It works but then the wsftpserver cannot stat the filesize after finnish because the file has moved away.

Are there any way to set it up working smoothly?
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Re: How to make a "blind drop"?

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OK, it is caused by the FTP client side, it seems cyberduck can't continue if there is no file listing permission, so please use Filezilla instead, or you may ask cyberduck's developer whether they can improve it.
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