FTP Rush - site search mirc error

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FTP Rush - site search mirc error

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Using raidenftpd, and latest FTPrush + mirc (lastest)site search and rushmirc.dll downloaded from here everything is set up the command search works well throw ftprush, but when i use throw mirc get always disconnecting me from the server

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Replace site1;site2;site3 with your sites from FTPRush  is case sensitive
On site 1,2,3 what i must edit? The ftp with log in details or....?
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Re: FTP Rush - site search mirc error

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I'm not sure how exactly you are searchin, but this works for me:
/dll rushmirc.dll RushScript RushApp.FTP.RAW('mgsite','site search -2010-',RS_LOGIN or RS_ONE);
To search on the site named mgsite (stored in your FTPRush's site manager) for everything containing -2010-.
As long as mgsite supports "site search" command, of course. For Gene6 FTP-Server, I had to code it by myself.

It might be possible that you are using a rushmirc.dll that doesn't support callbacks (displaying answeres to commands into mirc). Or maybe you have to set a callback command first:
/dll Rushmirc.dll SetMircCmd /echo
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