Please post here if you have problems in using FTP Rush.
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Hi! The client using ftp rush latest ver, server is wingftp, trying to search throw mirc, ofc copy the rushmirc.dll file
into mirc folder bug give me an error:
dll: no such routine 'SetMircCmd'

FTPRush error: does not exist

Both client and server are on windows 7x64
Update: i send dispatch to mirc forum and get respond:

"This error has nothing to do with the code itself, the routine you are trying to call simply doesn't exist, contact the author of the dll"

Gyus any suggestions?
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Re: Rushmirc

Post by wallace »

seems you have wrong dll-version.
make sure you have this one:

File: rushmirc.dll
CRC-32: ca6a3c05
SHA-1: 7872507cb647a98f75f4823f8cd4d176baf54d99
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