Capture the callback in mIRC ?

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Capture the callback in mIRC ?

Post by Denagam »


Does anyone knows how to capture the text in Mirc thats being send back from FTPRush?

For example:

1. Mirc > FTPRUsh: Login and see the users that are currently logged in (command site who)
2. FTPRush > Mirc : Sends back the currect users
3. Mirc > FTPRush: Sends a command to kill a certain connection.

How do i capture the information in step 2 in Mirc so that i can use it in step 3?

Anyone an idea?
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Re: Capture the callback in mIRC ?

Post by Eff3c7 »

Heres somethin I just wrote quickly to show you how it works.

you will NEED the registed version of the .dll the one with mirc callback
AND make sure dont use - on password when logging into the site as this will hide the infomation shown and ftprush will not return it.

Code: Select all

;; Example Script to show how to return info from FTP RUSH raw command
;first setup an alias to be able to call script.
alias raw_callback {
  ; Then setup the site you wish to use
  var %SITE site1
  ; call the DLL with SetMircCmd  this allows us to pipe the info to another alias  
  dll rushmirc.dll SetMircCmd /echo_raw_command
  ; call the DLL with the rushscript options to perform site who 
  dll rushmirc.dll RushScript RushApp.FTP.RAW(' $+ %SITE $+ ','Site who',RS_LOGIN or RS_LOGOUT or RS_ONE);
  ; end the calling routine

;setup the alias to retrive the info from the raw command
alias echo_raw_command {
  ; setup a window to echo the info
  window -kze @RAW_COMMAND
  ; echo the lines recieved to RAW_COMMAND
  /echo @raw_command $1-
  ; end the retrive program

;; output
; to run the script type /raw_callback
;(site1) Site who
;(site1) 200- Users Logged Onto Sitename
;(site1) 200- .-------------------------------------------------------------------------.
;(site1) 200- | User Group Unfo Action |
;(site1) 200- |-----------+----------+------------------+-------------------------------|
;(site1) 200- | SITEOP | siteop | SITES.RULE | IDLE for 5h 8m |
;(site1) 200- | user1 | Groupa | No Tagline Set | IDLE for 4h 8m |
;(site1) 200- | user1 | siteop | No Tagline Set | Site who |
;(site1) 200- | user1 | Groupb | No Tagline Set  | IDLE for 0m 29s |
;(site1) 200- |-----------+----------+------------+-----+-------------------------------|
;(site1) 200- | Total upload speed: 0.0K/s | Total download speed: 0.0K/s |
;(site1) 200- |-----------------------------------+-------------------------------------|
;(site1) 200- | 4 of 20 User(s) Currently Online |
;(site1) 200- `-------------------------------------------------------------------------'
;(site1) 200 Command Successful.
Hope it helps... Regards Fuas / Eff3c7
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