Error Login Permissions denied (publickey)

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Error Login Permissions denied (publickey)

Post by heusmich »

Hi @all,

I have a problem with the login to my new Ubuntu 22.04 root server when I try to login with a key pair generated with Putty KeyGen.
When I try to to login with username "root" and the root password everything is working and I can connect to the server.
But when I try to login with my private and public key, I get the error message "[SFTP]Error: Error Login <server name> Permission denied (publickey)."

I generated the key pair with Putty and copied the public key into the "authorized_keys" file in "/root/.ssh/" folder.
I also saved the private key in OpenSSH format and uploaded it to FTP Rush.

When I connect to my server with Putty or WinSCP, the key pair is working and I get connected.
Does anybody know what the problem could be in this case and also knows a solution?

Best regards
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Re: Error Login Permissions denied (publickey)

Post by FTP »

OK, current version of FTP Rush only supports OpenSSH key. So if you use Putty KeyGen, you can export the private key into OpenSSH format by "Toolbar -> Conversions -> Export OpenSSH key".
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Re: Error Login Permissions denied (publickey)

Post by advanc3d »

Hey guys,

I have a newbie question. I decided not to create a new thread because my problem looks the same - Error Login Permissions denied (publickey).
Well, I do have a private key to the Digital Ocean server which was created with MacOS Terminal's ssh-keygen. It works smoothly if I connect to the server with Terminal.

The problem is that I don't see any place where I can add the key to the SFTP connection setup. The only place where I have found to put it is "Options" -> "SFTP protocol". Regardless the fact add I it there or not, I am getting the same error with publickey when I try to connect the server. Looks like I don't see an apparent checkbox to use the key or something like that.

Could you please help me to use it right to connect to my server?

Thanks in advance.
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