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Tips of FTP Rush

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:01 pm
by FTP
1. Press SHIFT when connect to FTP server will use !username to login

2. When Both side are remote and connected, if you have same bookmark name at both FTP, use remote bookmark menu with SHIFT pressed will make both FTP switch to same bookmark.

3. When Both side are remote and connected, if you double click a folder to enter with SHIFT pressed, both side FTP will try to CWD into the same folder name

4. Skiplist/AllowList/Highlights support for folder only or file only or Both. for example, with %D% prefix will match folder only, with %F% prefix will match file only.

5. Double click at Title of Remote or Local Window(the (1) or (2)), will switch to max panel size or restore origin panel size. should we really need drag the splitter ?

6. If you use both side toolbar (the old UFXP layout), open Option dialog, at the "Display/layout", check "Disable main FTP toolbar" of "Performance" groupbox, it can speed up startup speed and switching left/right side.

more will come soon...

Before you ask questions or report bugs, read below:
A) What's your OS? (win2k/winXP etc)
B) What's your network if you know. (ADSL/NAT etc)
C) What's your FTPRush version? (build number, ANSI/UNICODE)
D) What's your FTP Server if you know. (ServU/RaidenFTPD etc)
E) Step by step with details to let us reproduce your problem easily