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How to remove spaces

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2023 7:19 pm
by DomDis
I have a lua script that pulls the local user_email = user.note_memo field

in this field I have the value ",

local user_email = user.note_memo

I asked support how to remove spaces and got the following reply

Code: Select all

local mSalutation = user_email.gsub(user_email," ", " ")
local mSendTo = user_email.gsub(user_email," ", "")
BUT this does not work. In the email I see   and the space does not get removed do I need to escape   with a \&nsbp; everyting I try does not seem to work and if I type in &nbsp as in local mSendTo = user_email.gsub(user_email," ", "") it get converted to an actual space and so the removing of the space does not work.

I can remove the space in the user.note_memo field but this should work NO ?????