ftp crawler / controlled over other applications / layout

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ftp crawler / controlled over other applications / layout

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i miss the crawler function with queue building. that still existed with the old ftprush!
which would be good if it were reinstalled. perhaps even with predefined filters. with normal and regex function.

slowly but surely i'm getting used to your new version. what would be great is if you could customise the layout yourself. i myself don't use the cloud functions at all. so it would be great for me to be able to hide this symbolism.

i liked the old layout with design adjustments a lot better. my old ftprush looked like flashfxp! if you could customise it yourself according to your heart's desire, you would be a step ahead!

and thanks for the server to server function! :P

one last question.

can the ftp also be controlled via rushmirc.dll like back then?

if not, would it be another possibility if so how?
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