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[Signed applet] JDownload for downloading the entire folder

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:21 pm
by FTP
Plugin Information
Plugin Name: Jdownload
Author: wftpserver (
Current Version: 1.5

This plugin uses jdownload applet for downloading entire folder or files.

Just download the zip file, and extract it into the directory "webclient/plugins/", then there will be a directory "webclient/plugins/jdownload".

Version 1.0 [25/Apr/2011]
* The first working version

Version 1.1 [25/May/2011]
* Fixed a bug - can not download the files under the virtual directory.

Version 1.2 [21/Aug/2013]
* Fixed a bug - download freeze issue when applying the new JAVA update.
* Improved the compatibility for most web browsers.
* Added a feature - remember the latest "Save to folder".
* Added a feature - support right-clicking on a file ( or a folder).

Version 1.3 [29/May/2015]
* Signed the file "jdownload.jar"
* Added multiple languages for this web client plugin.

Version 1.4 [12/Jun/2015]
* Cannot download the file when file name contains special characters.
* Cannot download the folder when folder name contains special characters.

Version 1.5 [30/Oct/2015]
* When downloading some special folder, it won't release the file handles.
* Even the web client uses 'HttpOnly' cookies, the plugin can still work.


Download URL:

Re: [Signed applet] JDownload for downloading the entire fol

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 2:05 pm
by FTP
Java applet is no longer supported in most web browser, so we developed a browser extension "Wing Download Manager" for solving this problem.

How to download this extension?

Chrome or Edge users may download this extension from: ... liehkjocgk

And Firefox users may download this extension from: ... d-manager/

For Google Chrome, please disable the browser option "Settings -> Downloads -> Ask where to save each file before downloading".
And for Microsoft Edge, just disable the browser option "Settings -> Downloads -> Ask me what to do with each download".

How to use this extension?

1. Choose files/folders in the web client by checking the left checkbox (or hold CTRL key and click the filename you want to select).


2. Click on the icon of this extension at the top-right of the browser.


3. Click on the button "Download" to start downloading.


Cannot download files via this extension
If you can't download files/folders, please check the following things:
1. Do not modify the title tag for the file "WingFTP's folder/webclient/main.html", keep it as "Wing FTP Server - Web Client".
2. When using HTTPS address, please use a signed SSL certificate for the web client.
3. Please make sure you have "File Read" permission for WingFTP's home folder.