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Hello FTP, a wish that you should read

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:31 am
by Galio

First sorry for my english.

I don't know what's happen since 1.1.3 version of FTPRush but it seems you missed something pretty big,
the dll compatibility (many options don't work) and the weird logins management.
A very big part of FTPRush users (and probably almost all customers < 1.1.3) use it to automatique tranferts using that nice Rushmirc.dll, you probably know that but still keeping the same way (the weird logins management), why ?

So my wish is to get back the old logins management, like 4 logins with 2 download 2 upload give 4 tabs (or 2 tabs if you connect the same site on each sides)
and a fully working Rushmirc.dll

I hope my english isn't too bad, thank you to read it.

Galio a old ftprush customer.

If you are agree with that share this topic to others FTPRush users, and drop a reply to show your agreement.