TLS 1.3 Support for FTPRush

Post here if you have some suggestions or you want to request a new feature for FTP Rush.
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TLS 1.3 Support for FTPRush

Post by fred0r »


it would be soooo nice if you could release a TLS 1.3-capable FTPRush.
Since FlashFXP isnt developed anymore, you might turn FTPRusg into 'Payware' - i think a lot of Persons would buy it . ..
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Re: TLS 1.3 Support for FTPRush

Post by s4n3rshared »

HEllo my friend thx for good tool for ftp fxp transfer

I need for ftprush.2.2.0 or for version 3

PLEASE add TLS 1.3 now in the tool v2 or v3
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Re: TLS 1.3 Support for FTPRush

Post by sooner »

Yes, it would be great to see TLS 1.3 upgraded in ftprush. And as the fellow above says, if it's a matter of donating or putting it back for a pay, I'm sure many of us wouldn't hesitate for a moment to buy it or donate to have the best client of all up-to-date even if it hasn't been upgraded in years.

Please can you give some sign or hope for version 2.x
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