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Is it possible to get the total list of the //Domain Option Field.

I am looking for possible entrys for DOPTION_ADUSER_*. I do know that one is named DOPTION_ADUSER_MAPPING_STR but cant find it winthin the documentation,
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Re: Documentation

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OK, the domain options are described in the help document, but they are not all, anyway, we will update the help document in the next release, and here are some definitions about AD options:

DOPTION_ENABLE_ADUSER_INT = 92 //enable the windows authentication
DOPTION_ADUSER_DOMAIN_STR = 93 //windows domain
DOPTION_ADUSER_DIRPATH_STR = 94 //default home directory
DOPTION_ADUSER_OWNDIR_INT = 95 //create a folder under default home dir using the login name for each user
DOPTION_ADUSER_MAPPING_STR = 107 //the AD user mapping string
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