URL's are not correctly supported

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URL's are not correctly supported

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URL's that are provided in the dialog "Manual Download from Site" or the ones that are auto captured from the clipboard are not parsed correctly.
Issues are:
- %nn codes like %20 for space are not translated.
- utf-8 characters are not well decoded, for example any letter for russian or chineese are currently replaced by a "?"

For especification of correct URL interpretation please refer to RFC documents here: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986
Basically first all %nn should be expanded and then UTF-8 decoding should be applied, if unicode characters are provided then leave them as is.
examples of how to reproduce, (url's not working)

Code: Select all

All those examples should login and CWD correctly to the directory provided.

Version of FTP Rush: 2.1.8 Unicode non portable
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