Show balloon tips on certain events

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Show balloon tips on certain events

Postby FTP » Fri Apr 23, 2010 3:12 pm

-- Description: Show balloon tip on OnFileDownloaded event, you can use it on other events too.
-- Author: Luke
-- Date: 2010-04-23

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local title = "File downloaded"
local info = "%Name [%IP] downloaded a file '%PathName'. "

w32.ShowBalloon(info, title)


Here we used a modified Lua lib "w32", it allows Lua scripts to call some windows APIs.
And we provide a archived file with lib "w32", you can download it then unzip it into the working directory of Wing FTP Server.

Download Link:

Note1: This script will be compatible with Win2000, Win XP and Win2003.

Note2: Wing FTP Server service must be set to "Allow service to interact with desktop", otherwise you will get no balloon tip.

Navigate to the Windows Control Panel and select Administrative Tools. Open Services. Look down the list of
services for the Wing FTP Server, and double click on it. Click the Log On Tab and check the option "Allow service to interact with desktop", then press OK.

Then restart the service, by right clicking on it and selecting "Restart".
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