Download the best Android apps and make the most out of your

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Download the best Android apps and make the most out of your

Postby ClintonJMolina » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:05 am

If you have an Android device and want to download some useful apk apps, you are in luck! Here we will suggest to you great apps that will surely help you in your everyday life!

Polaris Office

Polaris Office is an office Android app developed by INFRAWARE, INC. This app is a powerful office harvester that allows you to work with Microsoft Office documents. The functionality of the program allows you to

open and edit the following formats: doc, txt, xls, docx, hwp, ppt, pdf, xlsx, pptx. The main feature of the program is integration with the most popular cloud storages. It provides fast exchange and reliable storage

of important documents. Also, there is a solid pre-installed base, which has over 300 functions and 24 templates. The app is distributed free of charge but involves an extended subscription.

The main menu has a stylish design, dominated by light and pastel colors. In the center of the screen are templates for text files, as well as diagrams and presentations. In the upper left corner is the user panel,

which provides access to existing documents and cloud storage.

Polaris Office is an office app that has no visible flaws. Wide functionality, support for the required formats, the presence of pre-installed templates and usability - this is what makes the program competitive against

the background of Microsoft Office Mobile and Quickoffice.



View and edit Microsoft Office documents/view PDF documents

Support for various formats: doc / docx, xls / xlsx, ppt / pptx, pdf, txt, hwp

Integration with various cloud services (OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV, etc.)

Fast and convenient loading of documents from a desktop computer and onto a computer using Computer Agent

Fast exchange of documents through the user's address book and simple messaging

Add and edit headers, footers, endnotes, and footnotes at the bottom of pages

Camera mode in which you can take photos and paste them into documents or insert and play video clips or open ZIP archives.

Besides this app, you can explore more Android apps at the link Explore an excellent apk library of Android apps and games.


iTranslate is an extremely useful app for those who go to foreign countries and do not know the local language. After all, you need to somehow communicate with people. In this case, this program is very useful.

Because it can translate speech on the go. All you need to do is choose the language ​​you want and start speaking into the microphone. The program recognizes the speech itself, translates it into text, writes on the

screen and then voices it in the local language that you need. In other words, you can easily communicate with anyone through this app.

And this is the reason why the app turned out to be a number one choice of lots of travelers, as it is so useful. Never before have you seen anything like it. The app works via the Internet, so don’t forget to connect

to it. Feel free to start communicating with foreigners. All users liked the fact that the program records the conversations in the form of text on the screen.

The app is liked by many mobile device owners, due to its simplicity as well. All of them note that the program performs the exact functions that are required.

iTranslate is a great app that really helps and works. With it, you will be able to understand foreign languages ​​and be sure that you understand others correctly as well.



Translation into more than 90 languages

Reading translated phrases out loud (male and female voices are available to choose from)

Switch between different regional language options

Dictionaries, synonyms, interpretations of multi-valued words

Query history, favorites, the ability to share translations and much more

Voice communication in real time

Verb conjugations in different tenses

Download iTranslate for Android for free at our play store and start communicating with foreigners, who knows, you might learn a new language!

If you want to get other Android apps, you can go to the link Google Play and Android APK downloader site - online app downloader free.

FlipaClip - Cartoon animation

FlipaClip - Cartoon animation is an excellent editor for all editing fans to create short animated films. With the help of the program, you can put together previously drawn frames, thus making a full-fledged cartoon.

You can import images from the device’s memory, which is very convenient. In addition, the app has a large number of convenient and useful built-in tools.

So, for example, a user can manage layers and timeline, create drawings in a local graphic editor, where there is a sensitive touch pencil, and also share their creations using social networks with friends and family.

It is worth noting that the program is very easy to learn, which makes it even more valuable for novice editors.

The design of the interface is good-looking as well. The menu is made in the form of a normal desktop, which gives the appearance of the app a little serious. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitive. Even a

child can understand it at first glance. Optimization is done qualitatively and without errors.

The project FlipaClip - Cartoon animation will allow you to show creativity, while the app itself is friendly to beginners. It present tools that will help you create cool videos in minutes, and then you can share your

creations with friends.



Shows previous and next frames as side images

Drawing Layers

Animation timeline

Drawing tools

Creating animated videos

Publish cartoons on YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram

Touch pencil

Functional support for Samsung S Pen

Wrapping it up!

We’ve just listed some very interesting apps, as they not only help you in particular tasks, but also bring you joy using them. All of them have nice interfaces, their own functionalities and features

If you like to travel and communicate with foreigner, download iTranslate. For some cartoons and video editing, don’t pass FlipaClip - Cartoon animation. And don’t forget about Polaris Office, where you can store

edit and work with all the documents on this app, right on your smartphone.

Of course, you can always find many more other apps for Android at our play store! So jump right into it and download some apk apps, most of them are free!

Click the link See more here to download different kinds of Android apps.
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