Error "Remote side unexpectedly closed network connection"

Please post here if you have problems in using Wing FTP Server.
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Re: Error "Remote side unexpectedly closed network connectio

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FTP wrote:OK, it seems that is a bug really, so please upgrade to the latest version 6.3.0, I think the new version already fixed it.
I upgraded our WingFTP server to version 6.3.0 and continue to receive the error at the same frequency as before. I will however see if the automated process that passes files tonight runs without error, and if it does I'll be happy enough.

That being said, please note that the files we're intending to be passed to WingFTP still get passed, even though the connect error persists at the end. Let's hope between the changes you made to WingFTP and whatever WinSCP comes back with from the support request I submitted on there end, fixes the issue.

I'll of course keep this post updated, as I hear new information from WinSCP.
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Re: Error "Remote side unexpectedly closed network connectio

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Thanks for your feedback, we just fixed the issue which you reported "simply click the X to close the application after connecting to Wing FTP Server". And for the script, it always runs correctly on my side.
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