Migrate an old installation

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Migrate an old installation

Postby dieselwiesel » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:54 am


i've found an old Installation of wing ftp 4.7.3 on a Ubuntu 10.04.4 lts in our network.

Can i easily upgrade to the latest version of WingFTP and then a sudo apt-get upgrade ?

I think its better to set up a new 18.03 LTS machine, how can i export/import my configuration? should i first update to 6.0.3 on the old machine?

Is it possible to migrate to an Windows Server ? If yes, how?

Do i need a new license?

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Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:49 am

Re: Migrate an old installation

Postby FTP » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:17 pm

OK, the new version 6.0.3 does not support Ubuntu 10.04, so you can install the new version on the new server machine first, and then copy the entire folder "Data" from the old server machine.

And Windows license is different with Linux license, you need to purchase a new license for Windows machine.
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Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:09 am

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