A critical thought on v3

Any issues, suggestions, and bug reports about new FTP Rush v3
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Re: A critical thought on v3

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bugreport wrote:Sure not. Not hate at all just sad truth. After months still no answer about it, i guess that prove my point, it is just what it is... I gave a quick try on latest FTPRush v3.4.5 and i still see most of the issues present and sadly it's even worse now crashing left and right, like i stated before i consider this software a Alpha / Beta version for now, hopefully will get better with time. Good luck.
Sorry...but what answers do you expect? You asked if the can update v1 oder v2. They said no, if you ask the same question again in a different way...what should they say?

I think it would be more helpful if you point to exact things which you want to be implemented or which should be fixed.

For me they fixed every bug i have pointed to and they implemented things step by step. And as is see the v3 gets better by every release. Yes things could be made faster, but you talk about a program you don't have to pay for.

So please think about it and give the devs exact feature requests and concrete bugs so they can fix them.

just my 5 cent.....
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