Installation guide for Mac OS edition

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Installation guide for Mac OS edition

Postby FTP » Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:37 pm

Wing FTP Server is now available for Mac OS!
You may download it from our website and evaluate it for 30 days.

* Installation
Wing FTP Server Mac OS edition ships in a gzipped tar archive. You can extract it with the following command line:
$ tar xzvf wftpserver[version].tar.gz
That will extract the files from the package into a directory(installation directory) named "wftpserver". Change your current working directory to this directory by doing:
$ cd wftpserver
Then setup Wing FTP Server by doing:
$ sudo ./

When installation is completed, you can launch web browser(from anywhere) and open "http://YourIP:5466" for administration. Here, 5466 is the default administration listener port. You can change it during the installation.

* Upgrade?

* How to start the server?
Go to the directory where you have installed Wing FTP Server and execute: sudo ./wftpserver

* How to stop the server?
To stop the server safely. You should go to the administrator console, then execute the command "shutdown".
If you manage your server through web based administration, you have to click the left panel "Administration -> Console", then in the right panel just execute the command "shutdown".

If you manage your server through command line, you have to start the program "wftpconsole" first, then execute the command "shutdown".

* Uninstallation
First stop the WingFTP service, then remove the installation directory for Wing FTP Server.
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