Fix for SFV-Check/stuck downloads, FXP-Transfer-TimeOut and

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Rhino Cracker
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Fix for SFV-Check/stuck downloads, FXP-Transfer-TimeOut and

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- Fix SFV-Check: It has never worked well for "threaded" downloads (in the meaning of simultanously downloading several files in the same directory). It somehow gets stuck for the simultanous sfv checking and doesnt mark finished files as "ok" (it doesnt delete the missing file and doesnt update the info dir).

- Fix Stuck Downloads: Sometimes in the most recent version, download get stuck for an infinite time. It should trigger the "Stop and resume if No Data Received for 20 second(s)" option, but somehow it doesn't.
(this only occured for me in the most recent freeware version)

- TimeOut for FXP Transfers: Sometimes You loose Connection during a FXP Transfer and the Transfer is stuck for hours waiting for an answere from a dead connection. By example you could set a minimum bandwidth, calculate the time needed to transfer and reconnect when this time has been exceeded.
Usually FXP transfers started once can proceed and finish without the user; so the only problem for a accidentally detected "timeout" of a still working transfer could be that you might exceed your maximum simultanous transfers allowed.
Or another idea: is it possible to send FTP-Commands while still waiting for the answere of another command? If it is, then you could simply request directory listings while waiting for the response to the started file transfer.

- More detailed options to react on (transfer) error messages: You have the option to reconnect on a specific incoming message. I think this option was clearly made for simple uploads an ddownloads, but not FXP. It's not clear to me, whether the "reconnect on message 'no transfer slave(s) aviable' rule" is triggered during an FXP transfer attempt when being sent from the source, the target, or both. In general, I would like to perform different actions for both cases, like: If target has no slaves, disconnect/abortwholedirectory, if source has no slaves, skip file.
In general it would be nice to be able to write scripts in RushScript.pac that react on ftp messages. So each user could bring it to a level of complexity he likes (and I'm sure there will be script-packages to properly handle drftp behaviour by the community).

- In Transfer-Log: Display from which to which slave the transfer has been transmitted.
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