Please read it before submitting a new bug!

Here you can submit your bug reports for FTP Rush.
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Please read it before submitting a new bug!

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Welcome to FTP Rush "Bug Reports" board! If you find any bugs in using FTP Rush, you can report it here, and in order to improve the quality of your report, please provide the following information:

1. Your operating system version, such as Windows XP, Windows 2008 32bit, Windows 2008 64bit, etc.

2. FTP Rush version, such as FTP Rush 2.1.2 Unicode, FTP Rush 2.1.2 Portable, etc.

3. If you can reproduce that bug, please tell us the detailed steps(more detailed, more effective).

4. All the related information when the bug occurred. For example: the bug only happens when launching multiple instances of FTP Rush.

5. You had better give us a screenshot. If you can't paste it in the forum, you can email it to

BTW, if you dislike FTP Rush, please avoid offensive or hurtful posts in your interactions, thanks a lot!