Separately sort folders and links doesn't work

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Separately sort folders and links doesn't work

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If you tick the box to select 'separately sort folders and links' (options/display/sort) and connect to a site that has both folders and links the folders aren't sorted separately from the links unless you double click on any of the column headings (e.g. size, date or name).

For example, I have my settings for it to list folders and files in descending date order (so the newest entries are always at the top) and have the box ticked for folders and links for be sorted separately - however, when I connect to a site the folders and links are all jumbled up until a manual sort is done by clicking at the top of the column.

Could this be addressed please?

version 2.1.8 unicode, 2011-11-03
Windows 7 x64 SP1
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